Saturday, October 2, 2010

No soccer for dogs

This morning my people packed a bunch of stuff and we all got in the car. This was very promising. But then we went to a big field that I wasn't allowed to go on. There were lots of balls that I wasn't allowed to play with. There was lots of running, but for little peoples only, no dogs.

This was very disappointing.

My littlest person was doing something called "soccer". I wondered why I couldn't play too? I am good at chasing and stopping a ball, and I can poke the ball with my nose to make it go again. Why can dogs not play?

So I sat outside the fence and watched. I chewed a stick. I sniffed the grass. I watched people and dogs. It was nice to be outside and to be with my people, but I would rather have been playing with the balls.

Now we are home again.

But wait... Momma C is saying something to me... She's saying the word "farm".
This sounds much more promising. Off I go!

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