Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Dog Park Party

Tonight was a party at my Dog Park!

This is my friend Charlie. He loves his ball. He loves little kids even more than he loves his ball. And he loves back scratches even more than that. Charlie is a very happy dog.

Charlie lives with Coco.

I like Coco because she lets me chase while she fetches.

Here is Lambic. I like her too because she also lets me chase while she fetches.

There was food at the party. My good friend Rosie was so excited by the food that she didn't want to play with me. That was okay tonight because there were many other dogs there to play with, but next time I hope she chooses to play with me instead.

And here is me.

Both my people came with me to the Park tonight! This is not usual.

Here I am with Momma C. For some reason this funny thing always happens when Momma C is around. At first I didn't like it, but now I don't mind it. It's just Momma C being silly.

After Park we walked home together. I practiced Heel. I was Very Good Dog. I stayed very close to my people.

We're almost home! Momma B, why do you keep playing with that silly big black eye thing? Can we Walk now?

Yay, we're home. I love Home.


Finn said...

Party night! How awesome!!

Charlemagne said...

Oh Cobi! What a fun night you all had! Your friends look really nice and quite happy. My mom and me think you are one gorgeous doggy! and those purple flowers compliment your beauty. :)