Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something very bad

Over the past two nights something very bad has been happening.

We had three chickens living in our yard. When the people got up yesterday morning, Brown Chicken was not alive any more. Her body had been mostly eaten and there were many feathers everywhere.

Brown Chicken wasn't very well so the people thought that maybe she had died and the ratties had tried to have chicken for dinner.

But I knew better. Something scary had happened. I wish I could have talked to the people and told them this.

Because last night it happened again.

This morning when the people got up one of the Black Chickens was not alive any more. The scary thing had tried to take her body away for eating but couldn't get it out of the chicken's little house and chicken run.

The people are very sad. The chicken named Crooked Toe is the only chicken left. Momma C is trying to find her a new home because Crooked Toe is sad and lonely without her friends. She is also very scared. She even got scared of me when I got close to her, and the chickens have never been scared of me because I am calm-good-dog around them.

Today Crooked Toe gets to hang out in Momma C's garden and eat all that she wants. Tonight she needs a new home.

I was scared too. I know that something very bad happened. My nose can smell it. This morning I didn't want to go near the chicken's house. I stood on the back porch with my tail down. And then I sat beside Momma C and kept her company while she was sad.

As I sat beside Momma C, we watched the little birds that live around our house. They were swooping into the chicken run and picking up the soft feathers that used to belong to Black Chicken. They carried the feathers away to their nests to help keep their baby birds warm.

This is Nature.


Charlemagne said...

Cobi, I'm really sorry for your loss. I'm sure you and your people will find Crooked Toe a wonderful home.
It's nice that you let the birdies keep their babies warm with your friend's feathers.

Finn said...

Oh I hope Crooked Toe finds a new home real soon. I hope you and your Momma is feeling a little better too about it all.

Muppet said...

Oh, Cobi...that is sad. I know you would change it if you could. You are a good dog for sitting with your Momma when she needed you.