Friday, July 27, 2012

Cat named Keisha

Today we said good-bye to the cat named Keisha.

The cat named Keisha once told me that she had known my person forever and ever, a long time before I was even born. She and my person loved each other very much.

Here is the cat named Keisha when she was very little.

My person got her from a place called SPCA, which is where Dogs and Cats go when they don't have people to love them, and there they wait to find a forever home. When my person found her at SPCA, the cat named Keisha was too little to be away from her mom-cat yet, and the Vet said that's why there was white showing around her eyes.

But Momma B fed her and loved her and fed her some more, and she began to grow.

And grow.

And grow. Until she got very round.

She lived with Momma B even before Momma B found the rest of our people. Back then, they moved from place to place all the time. The cat named Keisha did not like moving, but she went wherever her person went. They took care of each other.

Then they met the rest of my family - Momma C, my littlest person, and the cats named Jericho and Jack. These new people loved her, and she loved them too. Especially when they would sit or lie still on the couch and she would snuggle on top of them.

The cat named Keisha was a happy kitty. She was not afraid of me, or of any Dog. She loved all people, and liked to sit on the laps of any person who came to visit.

Her favourite things were:
Cuddling on laps and getting petted
Chasing cat treats
Sitting on the back porch in the sunshine
Being wherever the people were

She was bold. She went where she wanted, and did what she wanted to. The people always said, "Keisha has attitude".

Then she got very sick. There was badness growing in her body. She became less-round. She made many trips to the horrible-no-good-very-bad place called Vet.

There was badness growing in her lungs. This badness spread to her paws.

She had something called "surgery", and when she healed, she was like a kitten again. She ran and she played. She sat in the sunshine. She cuddled with the people.

And then the badness started to spread again. The people said, "It's time."

They called the Vet.

This morning, while we all waited for Vet to come help the cat named Keisha, the cat named Jack stayed very close. He kept her company. He was very gentle.

Then Vet came. Keisha got very still and quiet, and her body stopped hurting. The people hugged her and petted her.

And then she went to sleep.

Jack went back to his cat-tree-sleep-hole.

The people cried.

They brought me to see Keisha, but by this time she was no longer in her body.

I don't think the people understand this as well as I do. We're alive, and then we're not anymore. We leave our bodies. This is called Dead. But dead isn't a bad word, it's just another state of being.

In this state, Keisha doesn't hurt anymore. She is free.

Good-bye, cat named Keisha. Your family loves you. Safe journeys.

Keisha ~ November 1999 - July 27, 2012


Finn said...

Good bye sweet Keisha. You aren't hurting anymore. We are thinking of your family humans now and know they are missing you.

Gryphinn said...

Thank-you Finn, for your sweet words.

Charlemagne said...

Oh Keisha, you were so loved. Such a beautiful kitty, and chunky like my brother Lucas. More to love, my parents say.

Rest peacefully, grey beauty, you and your family will reunite one fine day at the Rainbow Bridge.

xoxo, Charlemagne and family

Finn said...

I just saw your comment on my blog about the pressie swap. Wylde Child does it every year - you can sign up in May and then the swap takes place in June. We do one for the holidays too - I remember last year I mailed my gift out in mid-November- keep an eye on Sarge's calendar and try to follow Wylde Child - tell her I sent you over!

Have a good night!

Gryphinn said...

Thank-you Charlemagne (and family). We know you have kitties too, so we know you understand. Be extra nice to your kitties for me, will you?
Licks, C.

Charlemagne said...

I sure will Cobi. I know my parents will squeeze them a little tighter tonight, too. Thanks for giving Keisha such a beautiful life!

Muppet said...

Hi Cobi...Momma told me about your cat. I've never had a cat, but she sounded very nice. I'm sure that you were very kind to her and that she was nice to you too. It's good that you are able to be with your humans and provide them with some comfort. You are a good dog.