Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Hot

Today was filled with more Hot.

This dog friend found a shady place inside Simon's tunnel.

Meanwhile, I did run-chase with Simon. Or at least I tried to run-chase with Simon.

Both of my big-people were there (my littlest person is still missing), and both of Simon's people were there too.

There were so many people with so many hands, but for some reason they weren't throwing the frisbee very much. So Simon brought them a stick. They didn't throw that either. So Simon brought them a little log. They didn't throw that either.

What was wrong with the people? What does "no running or else you will overheat" mean?

Simon is my best dog-friend. I like to hang out with him. I like to play with him. I don't even mind sharing food with him.

Today one of Simon's people (the one named Trainer) bought something called "banana peanut butter doggy popsicle".

I do not like bananas. I do not like peanut butter. However, this doggy popsicle was full of yogurt and it was cold and it was very tasty. Simon and I shared. This made me very happy.

Then we found a cool, shady place to hang out. Any place with Simon is a good place!


Finn said...

Gotta keep cool! Inside the tunnel is a great idea!

jessej said...

it's so barktastic to have a friend like simon- you're one lucky pooch!