Sunday, July 29, 2012

Down to the Beach

Down to the Beach... Down to the Beach... We're going down to the Beach!

I'm a happy Dog - I'm at the Beach!

I love my Beach.


Finn said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! I am happy there too!

Reuben said...

Oh yeah! Despite the fact that it looks like your foots might get wet, I bet you can does some really good diggings there!


Charlemagne said...

Yay Cobi!! What a fabulous time! You are so regal at the beach.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh I love your ocean. I just know you have much exploring to do at the ocean,

Charlemagne said...

Underr the boardwaalk, down by the seaa-eeaa-yeah.. on a blanket with my Cobi, is where I'll be! :D

Gryphinn said...

Charlemagne, you can SING! When I do the tricked called "Sing", my people give me Meat. I hope your person gave you some Meat for that!

Thanks for singing for me!


Gryphinn said...

Beach and Ocean are full of wonderful things to explore. Stinky smells and funny creatures. You are so right!

Gryphinn said...

I did not like my paws getting wet for a very, very long time. But our Nature makes RAIN all fall, all winter, and all spring. Wet paws are okay now. But you won't ever catch me getting my belly wet!

Gryphinn said...

SO MUCH FUN! I'm glad you have a Beach too!