Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day time, night time

Yesterday my Bed and my bowl got put in a bag. The bag got put in Truck. Then I got put in Truck too, in the back seat with my people in the front seat.

We had a medium-long drive. When we got out we were at a new place.

The new place had a big building that I was allowed to go inside. There were people and food smells. There was a room that was just for us, but I could smell other people and dogs from before. There were two bowls labelled "DOG" (that's me!), and a blanket for laying on and a towel for my paws.

Most importantly, this new place also had a Beach.

To eat I got regular-kibble-dinner. Then people did leave-dog-in-truck, which is not my favourite thing. They ate yummy-smelly-dinner without me, and didn't even bring any back to share. At least Truck is safe. And I did get special dog cookie. It was okay. The smell was kind of plain, but it was very large!

After darkness, my person took me for a night-walk.

The smells were strong. The air was heavy. I could feel ghost-dogs in the air...

I stayed close to my person and she kept me safe.

We slept in this new place overnight. My bed was close to my people, and I did not have to go into a crate-den. This was a happy thing. I stretched out long on the floor.

Today we did beach-walk again, and now we are home.

At home I asked the Cats what happened while we were away. They said "nothing". So I wonder why sometimes we do this? Why sometimes we go stay at another place, and then come home again?


Muppet said...

I don't know why Cobi..humans can be pretty confusing at the best of times. They lay down without circling and fluffing their beds, they rarely have a big stretch when they wake up and never smell their friends. I don't question it, I just love them.

Finn said...

I dunno either, but it sure is fun, especially if it has a beach!

Charlemagne said...

Cobi, what an adventure that must have been! Thank you so much for the pictures, me and Mom really loved them. You look so majestic and beautiful. I'm sure the cats missed you.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi , its me Tweedles
First I want to say thank you for visiting me.
I love your blog ,, its so cool.
In answer to your question- I think our pawrent so stange things sometimes.. there are no real answers
nitey nite

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Hi Cobi! Thanks for the birthday wishes! We'll send a detailed explanation to your parents as to why birthday cheeseburgers are a MUST! Sounds like a fun trip (ghost dogs, and all - our ghost dogs are all friendly, but we know them)! However, we think the cats were lying to you - they probably had wild parties while you were gone. Cats are like that! ;-)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Reuben said...

Wow, that looks like super-awesome funs! I mean, except for the ghosteses.... I loves going to new buildings and smelling stuff. I loves your Garth picture also; clearly you is a brave and noble dog in the face of such a menacing spray of water! Good works.