Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow trails

Today we went in the truck to the fun place again.

I know the routine now. The people leave me outside while they go inside and get something to put on their feet.

The first few times I worried about this. But now I know that they do not go away for very long, and when they come back we go to play in the snow. So I wait patiently for them. I am a good dog.

Today we went along little trails in the forest. Many other people have walked along these trails, and a few other dogs too. I used my nose to check it all out.

When the people were too slow I found sticks to chew.

The little trail was fun to hide in.

When I got bored with sticks I bounced in the snow around my people. Sometimes I stepped on the back of their big flat shoes. This always made them move out of my way.

Part way through our walk we stopped for a break. My littlest person was tired. The people had a snack. They shared.

I am very tired after all this fun. Almost too tired to eat my bone. Almost.

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