Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good day, bad day, good day

Today was a good day, then a bad day, and then a good day again.

First thing, as soon as the door to my crate-den was opened, I went outside with Momma B. The sun was coming up and there was lots of fresh snow.

We climbed and explored new places.

 Then the people got out something yummy smelling. I went into my crate-den so they would give it to me. They did. But then they shut the door. They left. They forgot me. 

I made some noises so they would remember me and come back. But they didn't. This was very sad.

I waited.

A very long time later they came back.

And the day got better again. I went outside to play with Momma B and my littlest person. This was much fun.

What is my littlest person doing?

In the evening I was very tired. I had a misunderstanding with my littlest person. We both felt sad.

Momma B talked to us for a long time. Then my littlest person got out some treats. Now we are friends again.

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