Monday, March 21, 2011

Running around the roof and sticks on feet

This morning my littlest person came to let me out of my crate-den. She had treats in her pocket. She took me outside. When she said the special word "come" I ran to her right away. She gave me something yummy.

We understand each other again. This is good.

Outside we then played a fabulous game. My littlest person ran around one side of our borrowed snow-house. I ran around the other side. The snow is so very deep that we were running around the roof. When we found each other in the middle we made noises, then turned and ran the other way.

This was much fun.

Later we all got in the truck and drove to a new place. The people left me outside a big building. I waited. 

When they come out out they put big long flat sticks on their feet. They had round sticks in their hands too. These sticks made them move fast in the snow. I ran along beside them. I like it when the people can move fast like me!

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