Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mini mountain

Last night at dinner time Momma B left. She went hunting. When she came back she carried a chicken. It was already cooked and it smelled amazing. I wish I could hunt as well as Momma B. Fortunately some of the chicken fell into my bowl at dinner, and more this morning too.

Today I waited for a very long time for it to be my turn to go out and have fun. Finally my person put me in the car. We drove to Mt. Doug. But when we got to Mt. Doug she forgot me in the car. Excuse me, Momma B! What about me?

A little while later she came back. This time I got to go out of the car and walk with her. We walked where she had already gone. She must have remembered that she forgot me and come back to do the walk again. That's okay Momma B, I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again.

But then she called me to her and put on my sniffing harness. So it was time to go to work. I checked around. There were lots of smells on our path. The freshest smell was two woman-people who had walked there a few minutes ago. I could smell my person's trail, and also other people who had gone by earlier. I wondered if I was going to follow one of the new woman-people who I had never met before?

Once I had checked all around and found all the smells, my person opened the bag. Inside the bag was her own smell! I was supposed to follow Momma B's tracks!

My person said the special words "go track", and so I did. I followed where she had walked without me down the trail, into the bushes, and then behind a big tree. There was something dropped behind the tree, but her trail kept going so I tried to follow it. My person called me back. When I checked out the thing on the ground with her smell in it, she got very excited and put lots of chicken in my mouth. I was ready to keep going, but she took my special sniffing harness off. Is that it??

That was it. After that we went for a walk on the trails. We found a mini-mountain in the middle of the forest that neither of us knew was there. At the top were moss and the trees called arbutus, and we could see all the way to the ocean.

We hung out up there for a little while. I sniffed all sorts of things. My person peed. I scratched my feet on the ground to show everyone where she had marked. She always forgets to do that so I have to do it for her.

Climbing down the other side was hard for my person. It was slippery and steep. But it was easy for me. People should try walking on four paws instead of two.

We went back into the forest and the mini mountain disappeared. We couldn't see it at all. This mountain is our special hidden secret place. I hope we go back again soon!

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