Monday, March 14, 2011

Nature moved the sun

Something strange today... After dinner when we went out for our walk it was still light out. Has Nature moved the sun?

Earlier today there was very much rain. Momma C took me outside a few times but I do not like the rain. It gets in my eyes. I do not like this.

Tonight, because Nature had moved the sun and stopped the rain, we went to the Park. It was very muddy. As soon as we got inside the park I heard people call my name. I followed my person around the squishy path to a crowd of other people and other dogs. I had not seen most of these dogs since before winter. Chaz and Jasper and Bella and Chewie. Chester came out for a short time too.

Playing with dogs after dinner was very exciting. I was starting to get bored of chasing the little red dot.

Nature, thank-you for moving the sun!

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