Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today everything we brought to our borrowed house went back into boxes and bags. This always worries me because I do not know what is happening.

We got into the truck and drove for a long time. I was relieved that the people did not forget me.

After driving for a while I started to not feel very good. I started to pant. Things were not good inside of me. We kept driving. The people opened the window for me. This was nice, but things were still very unhappy inside my belly. I poked the people in the front with my nose. I need to get out of the truck please!

Eventually they stopped. Momma B put on my leash and told me I could get out of the truck. I jumped down. I took a few steps. Then everything that was bad came out the back end of my body. It kept coming out for a long time.

Finally everything felt okay again. I got back into the truck. I made my body into a little ball and went to sleep.

When I woke up again we were somewhere very familiar. We were home!

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