Friday, March 4, 2011

Shirt Sniffing

Today was Friday Sniffing Day. Before Sniffing I had a wonderful walk in the forest with Momma B. We got to walk for a long time, up and down hills, through trees and bushes, over rocks and moss, past swamps and ponds.

My turn was last for Sniffing today. But I'd had such a good walk that I didn't mind waiting and resting.

When we got into the woods for Sniffing I checked around. I could smell the direction that my person, Molly's person, Simon's person and Leader had walked many times. I could also smell Simon and Molly going in that direction. I was ready to go. Right away. Let's go!!

But my person took me in a different direction a little ways. She said the word "Quickly". Oh right. I should probably make a Quickly. So I did.

After I finished my pee, my person took me back to the place where everyone else had headed away from. She put on my sniffing harness and Leader opened the bag with the smell in it for me.

Guess whose smell was in the bag? It was Leader's smell!

Do you think was confusing? Nope. She was behind me, but in front of me there was a track where she had walked before. Several times. No problem. Off I go!

I followed where Leader had walked three times before. She walked in the same place each time so it was easy.

As I cut behind a tree, I suddenly found something on the ground. It was big, soft, and had lots of Leader's smell on it. I stopped to check it out, and suddenly my person got very excited. She ran up to me, jumped up and down, and put lots of ham in my mouth. I guess I was supposed to find that. I am very clever.

But Leader's trail kept going. So after my ham I kept following it.

All of the people made people-laugh noises, and my person called me back. I sniffed the soft-thing-with-Leader's-smell again. I got more ham. My person took off my harness and picked up a stick. We played stick-chase-bite. So I guess that was it. Since the people were so pleased, I was very pleased as well.

Then Leader came up. I poked my nose at her. Yes, definitely Leader. Definitely the smell I was following. I rubbed on her legs for petting. See, I found Leader too! Leader gave me a big pet and then picked up the thing she had lost on the ground. It was a shirt. She seemed pleased that I had found it for her. I am very helpful.

We played on the walk back through the forest. Each time I came up to one of the people they told me how clever I was for finding what Leader had lost. I agreed. Then my person put on my leash and we walked the rest of the way on the road back to the car. My person still had ham, so I walked very nicely beside her so she would share. Back in the car she gave me a bone, which is what I get for being clever and finding lost people. And for finding lost shirts too.

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