Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walk in the rain

Today was sunny during the day. But after dinner when it was time for me to go to the park, it got rainy. I don't believe Momma B when she calls it Liquid Sunshine. Rain is not sunshine at all.

I'm not sure why my person likes to walk in the rain, but she had me go with her. I liked sniffing the neighborhood, but the rain got in my eyes. I don't like this.

My person likes me to walk beside her. Sometimes I do this. Sometimes I don't. But if she has lamb in her pocket, then I try harder to walk beside her. Lamb is tasty.

After our walk we went into the park. There were no dog friends there. My person had my bounces-on-elastic-funny-to-carry ball in her pocket. She threw it for me. But I wanted my turn to do things my way. So I ran the opposite direction that the ball went in. Then my person had to fetch it.

I sniffed. I ran a bit. My person said she was tired of standing in the rain and told me it was time to leave the park. But I wasn't ready to leave yet.

There is one thing that always makes my person come to me. So I went to the far side of the park and did this thing.

People are strange for lots of reasons. But the strangest of all is they pick up my poo and put it in a bag. I'm not sure why. But they always do. Unless I'm in our yard. Then they pile it in the corner.

So I did my thing, and of course my person came all the way across the park to the far side to pick it up. I wonder why they like this so much?

Then I was ready to go home.

Whenever I am wet from rain, or muddy, my people take out a big towel. They wipe my paws. Then they rub my whole body. This is fun. Sometimes I bite the towel. Sometimes I make a play-growl. I like this.

But I wasn't done teasing my person yet. After she rubbed each paw and rubbed my body, I ran out into the yard again and back behind the tree where there is lots of mud. This is fun. So I got to do the towel thing again.

Now there is something funny happening outside. My people call it ThunderAndLightning. The air feels funny and the sky is growling. I am happy to be safe inside. It is warm and dry.There is no cat in my favourite bed.

Here is my new chew-snuggle-play toy that my littlest person gave me. It makes a "whonk" noise when I bite it.

Life is good.

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