Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cleaning day

Today was mostly boring. My people did something strange called "cleaning". They took everything out, they sorted it, they put it in bags and boxes, and then they put most of it back. I wonder why they do this? Especially when it is sunny outside. Why don't we go outside to play?

My people said this a lot: "Excuse me, you're in my way. Go settle over there." And then they stepped on my tail or my toes. Or they banged my back. Once my head got bonked. Why are people so clumsy?

This cleaning thing was very dusty. A few good things happened though. I ate a toilet paper tube. I went outside and watched for rats. I snoozed in the sun.

I helped my people too. When there was a spill of dog treats, I cleaned them up.

Now Momma C is calling me, and she has my collar in her hands. I wonder where we're going? I hope it's some place fun...

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