Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall is starting

Fall is starting. It was mostly sunny today, and mostly warm. But the breeze was cool. And the air smells different.

We have a big tree in our yard that my people call Garry Oak. The leaves on Garry Oak are turning brown and coming down to the earth. I wonder if Garry Oak feels sad when this happens?

Momma C was outside a lot today, moving grass and leaves and plants around. Momma B was inside a lot today, taking the peels off of apples. This was a very long job, and very boring, so I hung out with Momma C.

(There's gotta be something good in here somewhere. Aha. Stick.)

Later I went with Momma B to the place called UVic Dog Park. I'm not sure what UVic means, but anything called Dog Park is always good. I found a friend there named Albert. I used to see Albert at the dog park near my house. This was way back when the leaves were turning brown last time. That was a very long time ago. Back then, Albert was a puppy. Now he is big, like me. Except he has very short legs. His person told my person that Albert is border collie and Jack Russell.

Albert likes to run, like me, except his legs are shorter so he can't go as fast. But he plays chase very nicely. He also plays wrestle very nicely. I had fun with Albert.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gryphinn,

Does the Garry oak feel sad when its leaves fall? I think it feels relieved that it doesn't have to carry the weight of a big canopy and can look forward to sleeping through the winter. By spring its reenergized. This is just conjecture, of course.

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Betsy Rose
Financial Administrator & Outreach Assistant
Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team