Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The dot

My person does something strange to my nails. I'm not sure what it is, but it's not nice. She takes this thing in her hand, holds my paw, and then makes the end of my nail come off. This feels funny. I don't like it.

My person calls this evil thing "nail clipper". I used to run into my crate when she got nail clipper out of my basket. I would tuck my paws under my chest to protect them. Then I would turn my head away and pretend that I couldn't see her.

But one day my person made me a deal.

There is something else in my basket. This thing makes a dot. A very exciting dot. This dot jumps all over the place. I get to chase. And bounce. This dot makes me feel silly inside. I like this dot very much.

So my person made me a deal. She put evil-nail-clipper on the floor next to thing-that-makes-dot. I looked at evil-nail-clipper. I looked at thing-that-makes-dot.

Then I gave my person my paw. She did the horrible thing to my nail, and then the dot came and I got to chase. Nail, dot, chase. Nail, dot, chase.

I still don't like evil-nail-clipper. I give my person my paw, then I turn my head away so I don't have to watch. But I do like the dot. So I am willing to trade.

I can never catch the dot, but that's okay. I like to chase best anyways.

The dot goes everywhere.

Even up high.

The cats also like the dot, but not as much as me. They think the dot is a bug. I do not. I know the dot comes from the little thing my person calls "laser pointer". When I see laser pointer, I get very excited. The dot makes me feel all crazy. It's lots of fun.

My people don't bring it out very often though. Mostly just with evil-nail-clipper. My person says something about dogs getting obsessed with the dot. I'm not sure what obsessed means...

But oh look...
There's the dot. There's the dot. There's the dot. There's the dot. There's the dot. There's the dot. There's the dot...

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