Monday, September 27, 2010

On trucks and teasing

I spent much time today sitting in the truck waiting for Momma C. This was okay. When I wait in the truck I watch out the windows for a bit. Then I make a ball with my body on her seat and nap for a bit. Then, after I've had a sleep, I watch out the windows again. Twice today I got to run in a big field. I also got to chase a soccer ball.

We got home late, but Momma B and my littlest person still weren't home. I waited and watched for them until they came home too. I worry when the people in my family are lost. I like it best when they're all at home with me.

Even though sometimes they tease me. Tonight my littlest person took my tube and made a funny noise with it. Then she stepped on Puffie and made him whonk. I think this may hurt him. I don't like it. I am very gentle with Puffie. I lick him carefully and give him cuddles. Please don't step on Puffie.

These two things are mine. Stop teasing!

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