Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guinnie who swims

When today started, the sky was raining very hard. After I got out of my crate-den, I went outside and I stood on the deck. I needed to pee, but the rain was too strong. I did not want to go out in that rain. I told my person this with a whine noise, so she got something called an umbrella. This umbrella was a bit scary when it first flapped open like a very large bat, but my person held it up towards the sky and it stopped the rain for us. So finally I could pee.

After we went back inside the sky started growling. I think Nature had some strong feelings this morning.

Later, Nature changed her mind and it got very sunny and warm.
So we went to visit the puppy named Guinnie.

She is larger than the last time I met her. She is still smaller than me, but her paws are very big.

She was fun to play with, as long as she remembered to listen to me. I didn't like it when she put those big paws on my head. I also really didn't like it when my person gave her lamb. But then I got lamb too, so I guess it was okay.

She was actually quite polite for a puppy. We had fun doing little chases in her yard.

After a while we went for a visit to the beach. Guinnie likes to run. And she is learning to fetch. This is good. I like dog friends who fetch. They please my people, because my people like to see fetch. They also please me because I like to chase.

I do not fetch.

Guinnie also decided today to learn how to swim. This pleased her people very much. Since she is a puppy, I was pleased too. I am sure I am a good influence on her. Even though I do not swim.

After the beach-run-fetch-swim time, we went back to the place where Guinnie lives. I played a fun game with my littlest person.

Then Gunnie had to go for a sleep. Puppies like to sleep even more than me.

This was all fun. I would like to see Guinnie again, and her people too.

Excuse me, those are my people you're chewing on!

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