Monday, April 25, 2011

Wonderful sun beach forest weekend

I had one of the most amazing weekends ever! We went to a little borrowed house in the forest by the beach.

And guess who was there? Woman-who-visits-lots-and-walks-in-forest!

I went on many walks to the the beach and in the forest. Isn't the beach wonderful in the sunshine?

My body was feeling a little bit better and it was wonderful to run and play!
My person calls this "zoomies".

Oh happy sunshine. Oh happy beach.

Momma B liked to play in the sunshine too.

And so did Momma C. She got very silly with me.

I played and slept and played and slept and played and slept.

Then the sun went away. The rain started. But this was okay. I still got to go for walks. The beach was very quiet.

And when it got too rainy I lay inside and snuggled with Puffie.

Since we weren't at home I didn't have to worry about the very large, scary bunny who came this weekend. This was a relief. I like eggs, but I don't like big scary bunnies.

My littlest person tells me that the bunny came to visit her, but all he left her was yucky chocolate. No eggs. So I didn't miss anything.

Did the big scary bunny come to your house?

This was a fantastic weekend. Now I am very tired. I sleep.

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