Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting better

Things are getting better. There is still a sore spot that I want to lick but my legs work again and I have more energy for playing.

Also today I pooed.

I had been very scared to do this because the last time I did it it hurt so much that right afterward my tummy vomited everything out. I had to lie down and not move for a very long time. Momma C sat with me and made sure I had water to drink. Then Momma B got a blanket and lay on the ground beside me and waited with me until I could move again.

So I did not want to poo because I did not want it to hurt like that again.

But this morning my person took me to Park. There were dogs running and chasing balls. And I really wanted to run with them but my body was too full. So I had to do it. And it was okay.

I feel much better now.

Also the sun feels very nice on my fur today.

Something is happening though. My crate-den is flat on the kitchen floor and my bed and blanket and toys and food are all piled on top. This only happens when we go away. I wonder where we're going?

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elizlind said...

Yay! I'm glad your are feeling better Jacobi!!