Saturday, April 30, 2011


This morning some very bad things happened.

First there was blood on my back end under my tail. When I tried to clean it up my person asked me to do Leave It. She wiped it off for me.

Then we went to see Vet. This was a different Vet and she made me go up on the table. I hate this.

She poked around my back end. It was uncomfortable and I was very scared. My whole body shook. Momma B stood in front of me and I buried my head in her body.

Vet said this to my person: "Jacobi's anal gland has ruptured. Kind of exploded really. But it's empty inside so she may feel less pressure. Keep giving her antibiotics and putting compresses on it. Give her pumpkin if she has trouble pooping. Come back next week."

What does all this mean? I don't want to come back!

I do like pumpkin though.

Momma B lifted me down off the table. Whew. But then someone put something funny around my head. They called this "Buster Collar". This made me start shaking again.

When we got outside Momma B took Buster Collar off. She said that since I do Leave It so well I don't have to wear this funny cone right now. Thank-you Momma B.

Why are these bad things happening to me?


elizlind said...

Awww. Just want to kiss that little face!

Tim said...

Poor Cobi :-(

Cobi said...

I like kisses. Maybe you could rub my belly too. That would help.