Friday, April 29, 2011

A mostly good day

Today I went to Dallas Road beach with my person.

I am glad that Nature is making the air warmer and sunnier because my person wants to be outside more. This is good.

After Dallas Road beach we went to "office". Momma C wasn't there. Katy wasn't there either, but her person still gave me dog cookies. I hung out there for a while with Momma B.

Then we went to pick up my littlest person. We drove for a long time, and when we got out of the car we were at the place called MurrayAndHeathers. There were lots of people there, but they were all nice and shared bits of cheese and shrimp and meat with me.

I played outside with a little boy-person who liked to run and climb. I like to run and climb too.

So the day was very good, except that things are feeling funny again on my back end under my tail. There is a lot of pressure and it is uncomfortable. I can't see very well back there, but my person says it is swollen and purple and black. This can't be good. What is happening back there?

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