Monday, April 11, 2011

Eyes are sometimes as important as noses

Today I went to a place called Farm with Momma C. This Farm I have not been on before. At first I had to wait in the truck for a long time. Then after a very long time I got invited out to play.

I followed Momma C and another woman-person from place to place. We were inside buildings and outside too. There was lots to smell. My nose was on the ground for a long time.

People are funny. Their noses aren't very good so they look at things with their eyes. This is clearly inferior. My nose can tell me what is currently happening, and also what has happened in the past. And how long ago it happened. This is very much superior to eyes.

But today I learned why eyes are also good.

I was following the people around with my nose on the ground. I wasn't sure what I was smelling, but it was very interesting.

Then I looked up. There were many large things staring at me. They looked like this.


I stared at the large things. They stared at me.

Then we all started to run. They ran in one direction. I ran in the other direction. I found a hill. I ran to the top of the hill. My tail was stuck to my belly.

This was a very scary thing that happened.
What were those things?

Have you ever had something scary like that happen?

Once I was less scared I got to continue on my walk with the people. I made sure to look with my eyes as well as my nose. Even though my nose is still far superior.

When we got home I went and sat on my mat. This is my safe place. I go to my mat whenever anything scary happens at home. I sat on my mat the whole time until dinner. Whew.

Something else happened today. This something was bad for the people but good for me.

The people left a basket of eggs outside this morning. Perhaps for the giant bunny that is coming soon?

But the bunny didn't come. Instead some crows came. They ate some of the eggs.

This egg they didn't eat. They just made a hole in it with their beaks. So this egg went on my dinner instead of into the fridge. This was a happy thing.

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