Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the park, play grounds, and daisies

Today I went to the park.

My littlest person was there. Calm-gentle-friend-of-my-littlest-person came too.

They went to "play ground". For some reason dogs are not allowed in "play ground". I'm not sure why... I like to play!

After a while they came out to play with me.

My littlest person made me pretty by putting a plant on my head. This plant was called "daisy".

Then I found this... Hello there, Stinky Ball!

The little people made it go fast for me.

I carried it back in my mouth. The people made happy noises and gave me a small piece of dry lamb. Then they made Stinky Ball go fast again.

We did this several times. But then I remembered something. I do not fetch. Oops.

After that, the people had to fetch their own ball.

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