Friday, April 20, 2012

"Anti-bi-otic", fish smells, and the cat named Keisha

The cat named Keisha is sick. Her body has badness growing in it. I can smell it with my nose. For many weeks the people have been putting medicines into her mouth. They call these "anti-bi-otic".

The cat named Keisha does not like this. She tells them to stop, but they don't. The people tell her it will make her better, but she doesn't believe them. All that happens is that her mouth tastes bad.

Today my person put on my leash and took me for Walk. When we stopped we were at terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-Vet. My body started to shake. But nothing bad happened to me. The peoples there gave me a piece of food. They gave Momma B a new medicine.

Then we went to park-with-tall-grass-and-trees. Then we walked home.

At home, Momma B brought out the new medicine the people at Vet had given her. It is also called anti-bi-otic. But it is very different. Momma B says the person named Vet made it special for the cat named Keisha.

This new anti-bi-otic smells like fish. Like the beach. Like rotting things.

The smell makes me want to eat it and roll my body in it, and I feel all excited.

I asked Momma B if I could have some too. But she said no. I put my bum on the ground and did Sit to show that I am a Good Dog. I wagged my tail and made a cute face. I did a little-whine to show her how much I wanted it.
But she still said no.

I don't know why. The cat named Keisha doesn't want it. Why can't I have it? This isn't fair.

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