Friday, April 27, 2012

The Escape of Crooked Toe

Today the chicken named Crooked Toe escaped.

Momma C has asked the chickens to stay inside their little cage area (called "chicken run") right now because she has planted seeds in the gardens to make plants. If the chickens go in the garden they like to dig for worms, which makes the seeds upset and then they won't grow. So the chickens need to stay inside.

But today the chicken called Crooked Toe decided to go outside.

Crooked Toe had the whole yard to explore, but she didn't explore it. She stayed very close to her friends. At first I thought this was strange. Why wouldn't she want to see the whole yard? But then I understood, because I like to stay very close to my person. So Crooked Toe wanted to stay close to her pack too.

Also, today there was a rattie in our yard. I saw the rattie, and I decided that I would be like Rat Hunter Dogs Dixie and Brody. I bunched up my body, and then I jumped high into the air. But by the time my front paws landed, the rattie was already gone. This Rat Hunting thing is harder than I thought!

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