Friday, April 6, 2012

Mt. Doug morning

This morning my people put me in Car and Car drove us to Mt. Doug.

When Car was finding a place to stop, a person came up to the window. I did Big Barks, but then I recognized the person. It was Trainer! She had dog-friend-Brodie with her.

Do you know what that meant? That meant that my best friend Simon was nearby. I hopped out of Car quickly, but Trainer, Brodie, Simon and Dixie had already gone running away.

I was sad for teenie-tiny-bit-of-time, but then my people took me into the forest and I got happy again.

While the people walked, I did many things. I walked too. I also ran. I did zoomies. I smelled the ground and the bushes and the trees. I left pee-marks for other dogs. I climbed and I chased and I bounced and I zoomed.

This was a very fun walk.

I had to keep a close eye on Momma C because she doesn't usually do this Walk with us. I didn't want her to get lost.

Nature is still making Spring. The air was a little bit warm, and there was sunshine on our fur. This made my people very happy. It made me happy too.

Today was much fun. Can we Walk again soon please?

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