Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Office boring, ratties fun

During the day I am back at Office with Momma C.
Office is boring. I lie in my bed all day.

Sometimes the door opens and a person comes in. Then I need to growl to let Momma C know they're there.

Sometimes Katie's person gives me treats. Sometimes Momma C shares Lunch with me. These parts are good.

But otherwise Office is very boring.

At home, outside our big-den-called-house, Nature is making Spring. Along with Spring, Nature is making baby ratties. These ratties live under the chickens. They run back and forth. The ratties are very exciting to watch.

Momma C does not like the ratties. She wants them to go away. She tells me to hunt. But I'm not good at hunting, I'm only good at chasing. I am herding-dog Momma C, not hunting-dog.

Today when the door opened at Office, I made growl noises. A person came in the door and came very close to my bed-den-under-desk. I made louder growl noises. But then I noticed something. The person looked familiar.

It was Momma B!

I leaped from my bed and did body-shake, and then Momma B and I did prance-greet-pet. Momma B put on my leash and took me out of Office. I got to leave early! This was very exciting.

We went to Park, then I came home to watch the ratties.
I love the little ratties.

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