Sunday, August 1, 2010

Orange Sun

Today has been very strange so far. When the sun woke up this morning, it was orange. It is still orange, even though it is getting high in the sky. Our house is filled with orange light. I hear my people talking about smoke and forest fires. I hope those are far from here.

Also, there has been lots of activity this morning. My person took my den apart and made it flat. My food and water bowls went into a bag. When this happens, I know we're going to leaving our house for a while. I stuck very close to my den and food so my people wouldn't forget it.

Here is my new smells-like-tennis-ball-bounces-squeaks toy. Please note - I am NOT fetching. I do not fetch. I am merely returning the toy so that my person will make it bounce and squeak again.

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