Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road again

Yesterday my den got packed up yet again. I wondered where we were going this time?

We spent a long time in the truck, and when we got out we were at the house belonging to Rico. My people say Rico is a standard poodle. He's big but he's very polite. He shared his yard and his food bowl.

I went for a walk with Rico, and then we went to another house. Rico stayed behind. This new house was wonderful. There was salmon. Also there were prawns. Also there was something called Triple A Beef. The people in this wonderful house gave me lots and lots of all these things. Oh, and a bit of cheese also.

Rico's person told me not to tell Rico because Rico didn't get to come to the wonderful house with salmon and prawns and triple A beef and cheese. I felt bad for Rico, but only a little bit because Rico doesn't have to sleep in a crate-den and so he gets to have snacks in the middle of the night.

This morning when I woke up there was more goodness - ham!

After the ham we got in the truck and drove some more. When we stopped for a bit my people left me in the truck, but they were nice enough to leave me something else yummy called beef jerky. They seemed surprised when they returned and it was all gone into my tummy. I guess they were surprised because it was at the bottom of a bag under all sorts of boring stuff like crackers, wrapped up in plastic. They must have been amazed at how clever I was to find it.

Later we drove through some air that was very smoky. My people say this is from the forest fires.

My people stopped to buy some peaches, but this wasn't very nice because I had to share my space with the peaches and they kept rolling on my back. Then they rolled on my head. I don't like peaches.

Finally we got to stop and get out. And guess where we are?!?

We're at the fields-dry-grass-moles-in-holes-snow-in-winter-warm-stove place! There is lots of space to run and lots of dry grass to play in. I can smell coyotes and other dogs, and horses, and also little creatures called moles that live in holes that are the exact right size to put my nose in. I've been here twice before. One other time was in summer, just like now except it was hotter, and tonight there is a scary wind that I don't like. The other time there was lots of snow and warm stove to sleep by after playing in the snow.

I like this place.

Also, some chicken landed in my bowl at dinner.

My people say I am going to get fat. My people say I am going to have "bad gas". My people say the words "no more thanks". But I know how to do cute-eyes-pretty-face really well. When I do this for the new people I meet, they give me yummy things. More meat please!

I really like this place. I hope we stay here for a while.

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