Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Dog's Day

The person called Trainer came to our house today. She smelled like many dogs I have never met, and a few that I have met. I had a good sniff... very interesting. The games we played today were harder than usual. I got confused. And a box fell on me. That was scary. I like the person called Trainer, but I'm confused about these games.

Later my person took me to Mt. Doug. I like this place. There is always lots to smell.

Also today my Momma C brought home a new toy. It tastes like tennis ball, but it has a funny shape. My people threw it. It bounced and squeaked. That was fun. I chased it. I picked it up and took it back to them, and they threw it again. We did this several times.

Please note - this is NOT fetching. I do not fetch. I was simply bringing the toy back that so my people could make it bounce and squeak like that again. I have them very well trained.

Then the toy went away. I hope it will come out to play again soon.

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