Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home again

Yesterday my den and toys got packed up again and loaded into the truck. Apparently we were heading off again. The weird part was that one of my people went missing. Only two people got into the truck. Littlest of my people, where did you go?

We drove for a long time, then we stopped. We stopped at a very large river. My people told me this was the Fraser River, which is where salmon come from. But I didn't see any salmon. My people wouldn't let me go close to the river, even though I really wanted to check it out. But the good thing is that my missing person was at the river too! So was man-person-who-plays. I wonder how they got from "grandma and grandpa's" to "river that salmon come from"?

While some of my people tried to find salmon in the river, I sat way up high in the grass and dug in the soft earth. The soil felt very nice on my paws, and smelled very interesting too. The grass and flowers were yummy to nibble. Also there were lots of sticks. It was okay staying up there, even though I really wanted to go down to the river.

Then we got in the truck again. We forgot the littlest of my people at the river, along with man-person-who-plays, but my other people didn't seem worried. I hope she's okay.

More driving. I started feeling a bit sick. I was done with driving. Then we drove onto a really big boat which was loud and vibrated a lot. Then I really felt sick. My people left me in the vibrating truck on the vibrating boat while they went somewhere to eat chicken. I knew they ate chicken because I could smell it when they came back. They didn't share any.

Finally we drove off the loud boat that vibrates. I still felt sick. I hoped we'd be done driving soon.

Then a funny thing happened. The truck stopped, and when I got out with my person, we were at The Park. My Park!! I sniffed all over and could smell my friends, even though it was almost dark and the park was empty of dog friends. I did see one dog-friend. Chester greeted me behind his fence. He wanted to play. But I didn't want to play because I was too busy smelling everything that had happened since I left.

Then we walked home.

Home!!! Yay!

Today I still feel very tired. My person started playing with jars again. This time she was putting beans in the them. So I tucked my nose under my paw and went to sleep for a very long time. It's good to be home.

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