Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy summer day

This morning my person took me to the place called Bosley's. It was nice and cool in there. I like going to Bosley's. Whenever I see someone with the black apron on I do a sit really fast and try to look cute. Then they bring me a doggy cookie. Also, it smells really yummy in there. Also, today there were small creatures that smelled like cats, but they were too tiny. They had big ears and little noses. Also, my person always buys me something for the car after we visit there. I like this place.

After the place called Bosley's we went to Mt. Doug. It was early, but it was already getting hot. There were lots of dogs also walking there. I met some really nice dogs, some okay dogs, and one dog who got too much in my face. I had to give that dog a little growl, and then my person helped me to move away.

This afternoon I spent a long time with my bone in the cool grass. Little flying-fuzzy-buzz-buzz creatures kept bothering me, but my person told me not to bite at them. I wonder why?

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