Thursday, August 9, 2012

My youngest person is back!

A very, very, very long time ago (my person says this long ago time was seven weeks, whatever that means), my littlest person disappeared.

Slowly her scent faded from our big-den-called-house. It was almost like she had never been there... Except when I stuck my nose in the thing called "laundry basket", then I could still smell her. But just a little bit.

Then my big people went away too. When they came back, she was with them!!

She is bigger than when she'd left... Maybe I need to start calling her my youngest person, instead of my littlest person. She's not very little anymore...

Since she has been home, she had fed me the following things:
Dog treats

I am very glad that my youngest person is home!


Finn said...

Aw, so sweet-I know you lOve having her at home with you!

Muppet said...

That's great Cobi...I always feel better when the pack is all together and nobody is missing.

Wyatt said...

I would like her to come to my house! I like all those things!


Cotton said...

I has a youngest person too but I calls her my sister! You must be much happier now!!

Charlemagne said...

Activiaaa!! My mom had stumbled upon something that she thought would make you and your people laugh.

Im glad your little person is back. Mom says she likes her hairwrap. She says she had one when she was a young one. :)