Friday, August 17, 2012

Beach Friday!

Beach Fridays are back!

Today started with me, Momma B and my youngest person climbing into Car. When Car stopped, we were at a big field. There were many young people running around chasing balls and kicking them with their big back paws.

I asked if I could play too, but my person said "no". Apparently this game was for people only. This didn't feel very fair. My youngest person got to go chase balls, and I had to stay in Car.

Then Momma B climbed back in, and then Car drove for a little while.

When we stopped, I wondered where we were...

Can I get out now?

I am very happy with Car today, because it brought us to a Beach!

This is even better than chasing a Ball with lots of young people!

Check out the awesome Beach my person found!

Nature was making lots of Beach today. My person calls this "tide is out".

The Beach was covered in wonderfully stinky seaweed and little crawly and swimmy creatures. The birds were very happy looking for breakfast in the stinky, slippery, slimy seaweed.

Isn't it wonderful? We live in the best place ever!

It is less Hot today, and Nature is making a cool breeze. Whew.

I love the Beach!!


Finn said...

Oh wow, I love that you had such a great day at the beach!! I can see you smiling!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love your beach. It looked like the perfect day to have fun.

Muppet said...

ohh, it sunds like you had fun at the beach. Do you roll in the stinky stuff? I don't, but Cracker loves to. Momma doesn't really care, but he has to get a bath when we get home. I laugh.

Cotton said...

Beach Friday sure is lots of fun! I agree with Finn, you have a huge grin on your face!

Charlemagne said...

I'm really glad you get to have beach fridays! Dig a hole for me!