Friday, August 24, 2012


Today my person and I got "lost".

We went to a new not new place. My person was not familiar with this place, but I knew exactly where we were. I used to go to this place with my dog-sister-of-my-heart-and-body, Raven.

This is a very special place, with old forest and many animals.

But my person did not know the right way.

We followed a path, but then the path went away. We were in the forest. We were "lost".

I knew exactly where we were of course, but my person never listens to me so we wandered around in big circles for a while. This was lots of fun.

Unfortunately, after a while we got "found" again.

My person gave me one of these. It was very sweet. They are berries, and they are black in colour. I wonder what they are called?

This part of the forest floor was very soft. I could smell the animals called deer everywhere around here. I think this might be where they sleep. I tried it out.

I enjoyed this game very much. Can we play "lost" again sometime soon, Momma B?


Finn said...

Wow, what a magical looking place! I like the space where you tried to sleep for a bit! Think you'll go back again soon?

Muppet said...

Oh no! I would not like to be lost. I am very small and Momma must always lead the way. I rely on her to keep me safe. I am not independant like you. I don't care though, neither does Momma :)

Reuben said...

That looks like a fun game, Jacobi! Will you let me know what those black berries is called when you finds out? I agree, they looks delicious.