Friday, May 9, 2014

Chicken House Raid

Somewhat unfortunately, we share our Yard with the creatures called Chickens.

These are strange creatures. We are not allowed to eat them. We are not allowed to poke them with our noses. We are not allowed to chase them. (Although one chased ME once. That was very upsetting.)

The Chickens dig in the gardens (why are they allowed to dig when we are not?). They eat bugs and worms. They scratch and roll in the dirt.

Actually, Ojo digs and rolls in the dirt too. And she also eats bugs and worms. Maybe Ojo is a Chicken?

But the best part about the Chickens being out in the Yard is that their Chicken House is empty. Did you know that the Chicken House makes the yummy things called Eggs?

So we are going looking for Eggs.

Did you find any? Hurry up, Ojo! The Chickens will be back soon!



Unknown said...

Lucky you have chucks and fresh eggs. Sorry but we laughed at Cobi being chased by a chicken. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Sherry said...

You guys are AMAZING. Of all my Airedales over the years, I've only had one that didn't chase the chickens. I haven't been able to train the others to leave the hens alone.

rottrover said...

Our angel brother Gizmo used to get into our neighbor's chicken yard. Mom had to replace some chickens. Dad had to put in a new fence. We have new neighbors now and they don't have chickens.

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Tweedles -- that's me said...

wow!! you all get along!

Anonymous said...

Me and Nellie are also not allowed to chase chickens, but sometimes the used to get in our way when We were zooming around the garden and it just looked like We were chasing them.