Monday, September 3, 2012

New friends - chickens!

We have new friends in our yard!

But let me tell you the story from the beginning...

Yesterday Truck dropped us off at The-Place-Called-Murray-and-Heathers. This is where the Meat Man lives. He gives me lots of yummy food, all the time! Like turkey skin and chicken and beef and shrimp and salmon...

What was I talking about again?

Oh right, the special place. It also has a wonderful Yard with grass to run on, rocks to climb, and forest to explore.

I was so busy exploring and playing and eating that I didn't notice when Momma C snuck out. When she came back, all the people went outside to look at Truck. At first I wasn't sure why - were we leaving? We hadn't even had Dinner yet!

But no, there was a strange and somewhat familiar smell in Truck.

Then we went back inside the house. There was Dinner, and then Dessert which had yogurt that I got to lick.

Then it was time to go home.

But something was wrong.

I am NOT a floor dog. I am a seat dog. But the people forgot that.

I had to sit on the floor because someone was in my seat! Four someones! Look at them!

Oh Momma B, really? This place is very squished. It's not fit for a Dog.

After a very long amount of time (fifteen whole minutes!) of having to sit in that terrible place, Truck finally got us home. The new friends were making quiet gwok-gwok noises. It was dark and they wanted to go to sleep, so the people tucked them into the little house.

This little house has stood empty for a long time, since the terrible-horrible thing happened to our last chicken family. Momma C has been sawing and hammering and cutting and doing all sorts of things to the little house for weeks. The people now call it "Chicken Fort Knox". What does that mean?

This morning Momma C opened the door and our new friends came out to explore...

I'm supposed to tell that our new friends are blue and black ameraucanas. Whatever that means. Also the people call them "pullets", which means that they are young and not making eggs yet. So I ask, what good are they if they don't make eggs?

But still, I watched them for a little bit. It's nice to have friends in our yard again!

This chicken is thinking hard. She's trying to decide if the people are nice, or scary.

Right now she thinks they're a little scary, but the people have been bringing the chickens lots of the yucky-for-birds-only-food called "scratch", and also mushrooms, blueberries and greens. Soon the chickens will be less-shy.

Only one thing is missing. Our old chickens had friends called ratties. These new chickens haven't made any rattie friends yet. I watched carefully today, just in case...

Oh, the people also want me to tell you that there will not be any ratties because the chickens now live in "Chicken Fort Knox". There's that word again. What are they talking about? Why no ratties?

Welcome home to our new chicken family!

While you're here, why don't you check out the blog of my friend Muppet? She's a Victoria Adoptables rescue dog just like me. Unlike me she likes to fetch, even though she's really, really tiny. She had a really bad life for a while, but now she has found some awesome people to take care of her. Now she gets to be a real lady! Go visit Muppet by clicking here!


Finn said...

I like your new friends in your yard. But that whole sitting on the floor thing - inexcusable!!! :)

Muppet said...

Hi Cobi...I'm really happy that you have new chicken friends. There is a bird at my house, but he is not a chicken. He is a parrot. He talks too much. 15 human minutes is a very long time. That's 105 minutes (1 3/4 hours) in dog years. You are very patient.
Thanks for sending peope to my blog. You are very sweet. xoxo

Wyatt said...

Cobi, That looks like a super nice chicken house, a real 'Coupe de Ville'

And it's nice of you not to bark at them, we would not be so good...

Wyatt and Stanzie

Molly The Wally said...

Hi Jacobi I just howled at your blog title , HOL funny. Welcome to the chickies. Look forward to hearing more and hope you now have your rightful seat back. Have a good day.
Best wishes Molly

Mango said...

I'm not so sure about those chickens. I hope the take over of your truck was a one time only thing. It is YOUR truck, right? Couldn't they have sat on the floor?


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hi new friend, Thanks for stopping by. Wish we had pet chickens
Bennt & Lily

Prancer Pie said...

Hi Jacobi! Nice to meet you. Thanks fur stoppin by our bloggie. You are an adorable woofie and we love your name. Your chickens are lovely and the phrase "Chicken Fort Knox" is hilarious! See you later, furriend.

Reuben said...

Now look here, Cobi. We all knows that you was behind the unfortunate incidents of the previous chickens, whatever they may actually be. And still the peoples brings you more? That's pretty sweet, you will has so much fun chasing them and trying to dead them again! Can you send a few my way? Chasing chickens is one of the funnest things I know.