Sunday, September 2, 2012

I love you Ball, I love you Stick

My friend Tweedles said that my blog is full of fun and happiness. It's true - I have much fun and happiness in my world. I am a very lucky Dog!

Today we found stinky-slimy-mushy-broken-Ball down on the Beach. Some other Dog had lost it. I'm sure that other Dog was very sad, but I was very happy.

Please note that I am not fetching. I do not fetch. I am just chasing the Ball, like a tiny yellow sheep.

I love you, Ball.

Then I forgot about Ball because there was something interesting floating in the water. It was Stick!!

I love you, Stick.

My person took this picture to show you that I got my belly wet. This is very unusual for me; I do not like to get my belly wet, and I most certainly do not swim.

Do you like to swim? Do you like to fetch? If so, perhaps you can come play with my people. Then they won't be asking me to do these silly things all the time anymore.

You're invited to share my Beach too. And my Ball, and my Stick. Today was a very happy day...

PS In the spirit of sharing, I am going to share some of my friends with you over the next little while. Click here to visit Tweedles, who said the very nice thing about my happy blog.


Muppet said...

Yes, Cobi...I fetch. I like it, it keeps Momma busy. I do not swim though. You are better than me, I won't get my feet wet, it might ruin my pawdicure.
I was at the beach today too. I saw many dead crabs. Momma put one on a log to take it's picture but I crushed it in my jaws before she could. I am boss of the dead crab.

Cotton said...

The beach... a ball... a stick! That is a perfect day!

Reuben said...

You is such a happy dog, I loves it! Your happiness at Ball and Stick gaved me and my mama some smiles. I is also a dog who no does "fetch," and also I takes great pains to never ever get my belly wet. When my peoples throws something for me, I grabs it and then takes it to a very safe place where they no can steal it again. I think we is very smart kind of dogs, you and me!


A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

You look like you had such an awesome adventure Jacobi!!! I would have fallen in love with the icky ball and massive stick too!!! Hey, look, you got your belly wet! :-) Hehe...