Friday, June 10, 2011

Sniffing Friday

It was Sniffing Day today!!!

Just me, my person and Leader today. The smell in the bag-with-scent-to-follow belonged to my person. I followed her footsteps, where she had walked earlier. She had dropped some things on her walk and was very pleased when I found them for her. She didn't even need to ask me to do Sit. I did that all on my own when I realized how important the dropped things were.

There were a few hard parts. The ground was dry and hard. When we weren't in the bushes or grass, there wasn't much smell to follow. The wind was also blowing around a lot. Near the end, I could smell the shirt my person had been wearing all week around a corner. I wanted to go right to it, but my person made me follow where her feet had walked. Why is that?

In any case, I was very pleased to have such an important job to do today.

I also had fun playing in the tall grass with a dog-friend.

Today was not too hot for me, and not too cold for my person. It was perfect! And she was so pleased with me! I am Good Dog!

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