Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evening at the park

The past few days when I've gone to "office" with Momma C we've gone somewhere different. All of the people are there. My bed is there. Katie's bed there. But it is not MY office. It's "new office". I don't like it.

A happier thing is that I had fun at Park tonight. It was very hot, but there were lots of people and dogs. They were eating salmon. I did not beg. I was Good Dog.

Rosie was not Good Dog. She took something called "humous and pita" from a very-little-boy-person. He made big sad noises.

I stayed far away from the people-food. I am Good Dog. Besides, Momma B had lamb in her pocket.

Apparently today is special. Today Nature makes the most sun of all the year. I like lots of sun because it means my people spend lots of time outside.

Tonight at Park my person played a fun game with me in the hot sun. Please note: I am not fetching. I am merely running around with bouncy-handle-ball in my mouth. Sometimes I may drop it by my person, but this is completely accidental.

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