Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hide and seek

Today I felt a little better. I still have an extra hole in my back end that is very sore, but today I was ready to go out and play in the sunshine.

I went with my people to Mt. Doug. A girl-person-friend of my littlest person came too.

First we went up and up and up. I like going up.

Then we went down into the forest. In the forest we played a game called "Hide and Seek". The little people ran off into the forest and then Momma C went looking for them.

Hey, I know this game!

I can use my nose to find them right away!
I will help you Momma C!
Here's one! Come look over here! Here Momma C! I found one! Over here!

How come the little people got mad when I found them in the forest? Why did they tell me to "shhh" and "go away"? Isn't finding them the point of the game?

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