Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Moms

Dear Momma C,

Thank you for picking me out of all the cute puppies to come home with you and be your dog. Thank you for playing games with me. Thank you for giving me eggs on my breakfast, and sometimes on my dinner too. Thank you for listening to me when I need you to stop the truck so I can get out and make my tummy feel better. Thank you for taking me to "office" every day so I don't have to stay at home alone. Thank you for cuddles and wrestles and play times.

Dear Momma B,

Thank you for taking me to beaches and parks and forests. Thank you for always trying to listen to me. Thank you for being my playmate in the snow. Thank you for explaining the world of people and their silly rules to me. Thank you for trying to understand how my nose works and taking me out to play sniffing games. Thank you for making sure I get out to run every day. Thank you for always carrying lamb and other yummy things in your pocket. Thank you for being my safe person.

Dear Doggy Mom,

I don't really remember you, except as a warm tongue and a safe smell. The people say your name was Shylo. Thank you for bringing me into the world. Thank you for taking care of me until my people came to find me. Thank you also for bringing Raven into the world. I hope you now have wonderful people like mine.

Happy Mother's Day!

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