Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dear Santa (from Ojo)

Dear Santa,

Ojo here! Cobi has been telling me all about this thing called "Christmas". She says that it is amazing, and that I will get yummy food and toys and all sorts of good things... BUT this only happens if I can convince you and your friend Rudolph that I have been a Good Dog this year.

So here it goes.

Santa, I have to tell you that my year started off pretty tough. I had a family but I lost them. I don't think they wanted me any more. They didn't say why, just they were there and then they were not. I lived on the streets and was called "stray". I had to steal my food in order to survive. Does this make me Bad? I hope not.

Then I got picked up by some people and put in the place called "pound". I lived there for what felt like a very long time. I got to go outside only sometimes, and didn't get much exercise. This was very hard for me. I love the outside so very much, Santa! Does me barking and whining in the pound make me Bad? I hope not.

A pawesome group of people called "Dog Bless Rescue" saw me. I tried to look cute and pretty (and like a Good Dog), and it must have worked because I was taken out of the pound. I had something happen that hurt lots called "spaying". I had shots and stuff put on my skin. Then I was stuck in a tiny box and put on a noisy thing called airplane.

When I got off the air smelled different, and everything was all new.

Like I said Santa, my year started off pretty tough.

But things got better from there. My foster home was pretty nice, and then - my people found me!

So here's the deal.

Santa, I did not know I wasn't supposed to eat the Cat Food. I only jump on people sometimes, when I'm really excited. I thought the Recycling was a bin of toys for me to play with. (That's an honest mistake!)

I chew on shoes and water bottles and the stairs only when I get really, really bored. Can you blame me? I mostly only forget to listen to my people when there is a squirrel or rabbit or bird nearby.

I did not know that the magnets on the fridge are not for chewing on. Or the coasters. Or my littlest person's soccer cleats.

I did not know that the couch is not for sleeping on. (It's so comfy, Santa!) I did not know that I was not supposed to bury a bone outside, then dig it up a week later and bring it back into the house. I did not know that the stuffed toy named Puffie belongs to Cobi. (Cobi, I am sorry I took some of the insides out of your favourite toy. I feel very bad about this.)

But I am trying very hard to be a Good Dog. Here is how I am Good:

  • I Sit and Lie Down and go to my bed when the people ask me. (Most of the time.) 
  • I do not chase the Cats. 
  • I play the game called "training". (I can go around trees and weave my person's legs and bow and shake paws and all sorts of pawesome things!)
  • After my Walk I curl up into a little ball and go to sleep so my person can work.
  • I am very gentle with little people.
  • I let Cobi think she is the boss.
  • I sat still while the people put a silly hat on my head and pointed their big, black eye named "camera" at me. (See my pawesome picture below!)
  • I give my people licks and wags every single day.

So clearly I am a Good Dog.

For Christmas I would like the following things:

  • Snow
  • A couch that I am allowed to lie on
  • Anything squeaky, chewy or smelly
  • To keep my new family forever and ever

Licks and wags,


Sam and Pippen said...


You are a good dog... gooder than us some days and we KNOW that Santa is coming to our house so don't you worry none.

We think that Santa knows that even when you were 'bad' you were still very, very good!

Hope you get everything on your list especially the snow because we'd like that too!

Sam and Pippen

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Ojo, the bad things that happened to you do not count as you being bad. It was the world being unfair. The fact you came out of it all, smiling and gentle and kind shows what a really good girl you are and we know Santa will bring you lots and lots of treats. Lee and Phod

Prancer Pie said...

Ojo, we think you've got it made in the shade! Santa would be crazy to leave you off the "good" list!


Anonymous said...

Ojo, we think you got it, your bestest gift was your forever home, family and a pup named Cobi, but after that letter, betcha Santa brings you lots of stuffs!

The Mad Scots

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Ojo
You indeed are a very good doggy and I have a feeling you will get everything you want for Christmas!
You are so pretty in your red hat!

harrispen said...

Hey Ojo, My world was kind of topsy turvy like yours too this year. I don't see how Santa Paws could think you were bad. I'm sure you will get everything you asked for.


Molly The Wally said...

Ojo we think Santas' heart just melted and we know you will get your wishes except maybe the couch bit but you work on your people for that one. Onwards and upwards and we know 2014 will be pawsome.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Two French Bulldogs said...

Santa will bring you whatever you want

Reuben said...

Your letter brings a water to my eye, Ojo. You is basically the best dog ever, and I is SURE you will get big, stinky, squeaky couch covered in snow for Christmas!


Kari in Alaska said...

yes you need a sofa to rest on!

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