Friday, September 2, 2011

On beaches, unwanted noses, and exchanging my ball for food

Today was Beach Friday. Nature made summer, then fall, and then summer again.

Momma B met this new friend. She named him Mink.

He was very interested in her and wanted to come visit. But then I went to say "hi" with my nose and he ran and hid and wouldn't come out again. I guess he was shy of my nose.

There were also lots of these funny creatures floating in the water.

Momma B told me to do Leave It. Apparently my nose wasn't supposed to touch these things either. Why does no one like my nose today?

After Beach we went up top to the grass and pavement. I played with Ball.

I have learned recently that if I pick up Ball and drop it somewhere near Momma B, she gives me food. Then Ball flies away for me to chase again.

So sometimes I pick up Ball and bring it to Momma B. But only sometimes. This is exchanging Ball for food. This is not fetching. Because I do not fetch.

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